Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP Apple Man!

I hate Steve Jobs because he was one of the greatest proponents of consumerism and thereby one of the greatest marketers of capitalism. Apple sucks! yes I said it! Overpriced and overrated, I have never felt the urge to own one of his candy wrapper gimmick machines. Apple made...yes MADE people buy stuff they really did not need, and made a ton of money off of peoples stupidity.

But at the same time I adore Mr. Jobs. He revolutionalised the digital realm and showed the techno geeks the magic of a well designed product. He gave his competition a run for their money, and in the mean time gave us some cool gadgets! Heck, he gave us Toy story! Created the mouse, gave life to the tablet and the smart phone...all the while paying attention to detail.

He was a visionary, and I would have gladly given 10 years of my life for him to live a bit more to make the world a little beautiful.

RIP Mr. Jobs...A job "insanely" well done!


boris said...

RIP to the Master of The Design .