Thursday, November 5, 2009

Supporting Architects and the SLIA propaganda campaign

I just got 8 emails (so far) from the SLIA regarding Architect Tilak Samarawickrama’s book “Ink of Lanka”. (Must be really tough times.) I wonder if SLIA’s getting a piece out of the profits as well. Anyway “Ink of Lanka” should be an interesting book.

I wonder why Architects have suddenly taken up writing. I guess the tough times are really hitting a spot, because architects are generally not known as the most "writing savvy" people around. (Architect Anajlendran has his book out, Architect Rathnavibushana has his book out as well, the architects must be getting their fair share of the royalties?)

At least we can be thankful that the SLIA is supporting Architects in some way, since I don’t really see the whole point of having an organization which is only interested in collecting fees, and not providing anything in return.


Java Jones said...

Don't know about the Ratnavibushana book, but Anjalendran's was not written by him. The author was David Robson.

Arkitekton said...

Yeah its mentioned in the link that I have posted.

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