Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shrinking of the Envelope : Archtectural Slavery

After the rigorous education process that a architecture student goes through, at the end of the day one would expect to see a hefty paycheck.

A CSA (Colombo School of Architecture) student has to pay almost Rs. 650000 to obtain their part I, and another Rs 580000 for their part II. It takes almost eight years for this process to end. However the qualifications they receive are not considered degrees. Comparatively a Moratuwa Architecture student spends less amount of money on their education thanks to the free education system, yet they too have to spend almost 7 years within the university system.
After completing education, most students work for private architectural firms. The payment they receive for their services are not even enough to cover their basic needs. Most of them receive less than 25, 000 per month. There are also some students who have passed out as chartered Architects who receive even less than that!

I searched in, and just to see how the job market in Sri Lanka was fairing, salary wise.

Call Center Supervisor
Qualification : A high school diploma or Academic
Qualification in any fields
Pay: Rs.35000

Marketing Experts

Qualification:Should have done G.C.E (O/L)

Part time jobs (Sales promotions)
Qualification: Good looking *fluent in English

After all the sleepless nights, after all the stress from crits, after all those hours spent at the plotting joint, I just wonder if it’s all worth the trouble.

Maybe they do it all for the satisfaction?...May be not.

Maybe it’s just the sorry state of the profession.


Anonymous said...

Forget about the size of the paychecks, poor sods don't have jobs after wasting their precious youth at the bloody school and bloody uni.

Arkitekton said...

True. Very True!