Sunday, February 10, 2013

OMG! Green Architecture Gone Wild in SL!: Clear Point Residencies

I must confess I do not know if these photographs are of the actual project, but they made me laugh so hard!

Check them out on facebook!

Those are some big trees in those tiny balconies! 


Autumn Upali said...

"They made me laugh so hard!Those are some big trees in those tiny balconies! "....

Being a tad sarcastic aren’t we dude,by way of innuendo ,while not having all the facts.

The media scuttlebutt is

1)One of Sri Lanka's best, designed this colossus.He knows his onions.
2)He builds iconic structures that doesn't collapse.(balconies included)...Sri Lankan architects did make jaw dropping great buildings even a thousand years back.)
3)Construction just commenced.
4)So the images aren't real photos.A closer look confirms it.My take is, that it was the green concept that was being promoted.
4)Of course you did not know.Wouldn't hurt to henceforth research your data well, before wording bro.

Arkitektonic said...

I wasn't being a tad of anything. Just stating the facts.

I know these arnt photos of the finished product obviously, and there i was trying to be a "tad" sarcastic, unfortunately for some, they have their heads way inside of their ass, to really understand what they read.

Thank you for your advice you fucking retard. now go and pull that friking nut sack out of your ass.

Autumn Upali said...

You know Arkitektonic,you disappoint me.From your blog I thought you were an unemotional and cultured person.But your flareup and language stinks.Your profanities are hackneyed cliches sans any sting. I could easily reciprocate but I won’t.It is not my way. In private if given the chance,I'd take you on ...word for word.But in a public forum such as a blog which many read, I use decent language.You should think about that too before writing in a gentleman’s league.Shame on you.

Arkitektonic said...

I could care less if your disappointed or not.

I do not wish to elaborate more on this simply because I feel its just a waste of my time.

Good day to you.