Thursday, March 7, 2013

My two cents in three paragraphs.

Here is a snippet of a conversation going on in the Sri Lankan Architects FB page. I think the question should be rephrased as How much English do you need to "Produce" a Colombian Architect, because that's exactly what's happening. The Colombian effect has significantly been reduced, thanks to the free education in Sri Lanka, yet there are some fractions who still have this elitist mind set. These "Few" cater to the agenda of a the Colombian Population, which are again a fraction of the entire population in Sri Lanka. What they fail to understand is that most of these so called "Colombian Architects" are produced by the tax payed by the non the Colombian "Civilization". We as Sri Lankan Architects have failed miserably  since we have forgotten our purpose, our roots, and betrayed our conscience.

We constantly ridicule Sri Lankan cultural aspects, as superstitious nonsense and pray to the gods of the Bauhaus. Our failure as professionals can be empirically proven by looking at the number of people who actually get the services of an Architect to build their homes. These same people payed money for us to learn in universities, but we ridicule them for their "Superstitous" beliefs. Stop blaming the draftsmen for the "Crapitecture" in the country, blame your self for not listening. The "Architects" produce enough "Crapitecture" them selves.

What we need to do, is to create our own Architectural "Culture". Try to "Understand" and "Read"  Sinhalese literature before trying to read Maupassant. We have our own "Rich" "Civilazation", be true to it. Just by wearing a Sarong you do not become a Sri Lankan, in that sense then Barack Obama supposedly had been once a Sri Lankan too. But I do think there is a problem in the education system. I'm not extremist enough to say that we need to abandon the "Western" system of education. All I am trying to say is that there needs to be a compromise.

Thats my two cents.