Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lajja : Web sites that bring nothing but Shame

Providing stimulation and guidance to a profession should be a professional institutions main objective. However, apart from providing a list of rules and regulations to the membership, the SLIA doesn’t seem to budge. At least they should redesign their website in a proper user friendly manner, which would probably only cost them a small amount as compared to what they gain in membership fee as well as other modes.
A website should be an interface which the institute/organization interacts with the public. However if the SLIA website is anything to go by in terms of an interface, it would probably seem like the profession isn’t very interested in interaction. (Note how many “Log in” screens come up) There are so many things left to be criticized in the website, but i don't think I know enough about webdesigning to make any further comments. (check the website out yourself)
Contrastingly note how user friendly the RAIA website is. It has separate sections for different type of users. And it also has a spot to showcase the member’s works. The amount of information available in RIBA and AIA website are very well documented.
At least the SLIA should make an attempt to design a proper website so that the profession has proper interface to the community, since the profession is often being criticized on its attitude towards public.