Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Architectural Conendrum : Amendments to the UDA act

In 2009 April the UDA (Urban Development Authority) act was amended so that the Architect gains full responsibility in designing buildings. This new amendment has been welcomed with a lot of criticism, especially by the draftsperson’s guild.
It is true that there maybe a handful of Architects in the country (around 500) since the process in creating an Architect is a strenuous and hard journey, but that does not mean that the amount of Architects in the country is insufficient to feed its needs.
The haphazard developments littering the urbanscape are the product of a society deprived of the services of such professionals, wherein that profession itself is nurtured and nourished by the society itself. The amendment should be seen as the securing of public rights, rather than a hindrance, as a minute few that claim it to be. After all an Architect is a trained professional who has to go through a 7 year arduous educational process where as draftspersons are seen as a facilitating entity to the profession who only are experienced in drafting and not design.
By the enactment of the amended act, not only will the built environment improve but more notably, the bogus professionals who waste public wealth and time will see an end to their charades.

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