Saturday, November 20, 2010

One finger salute to peliyagoda! : The Terrible TRC Tower


Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate more on why the proposed tower is terrible? Is it architecturally terrible? or economically?

Arkitektonic said...

Architecture is a very subjective matter... to me its both architecturally and economically terrible. Maybe people might love it once its completed (after all we do live in a POP society), but I just feel that even though its an aid driven project the money could have been spent on something more useful. Usually a highrise is built owing to physical and economic constraints (when the land is scarce, and per unit price of land is high) and sometimes as some sort of statement, as in the case of eiffel tower, chrytler building, or even the burj haniffa. eiffel tower is a monument which celebrates the industrial age, chrysterl building makes the age old statement "my one is bigger than yours" and embiodies the same elegance of its key brand. burj haniffa embodies some characteristics of the arabic culture.

So in that sense I guess the TRC tower falls in to the later category. But what statement is it trying to make?

Anonymous said...

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