Thursday, November 25, 2010

SLIA Drama: season 01- web mania

The most recent email from the SLIA reads as...


All Corporate members are permitted to maintain their own Practice Websites as per 6.4.4 of the SLIA regulations.

The Council has approved the inclusion of 20 (Twenty) images (Maximum) of completed Projects on such a Website.

I had to learn about those fantastic "SLIA regulations" sometime back (I have long forgotten what they are...) But just to recap, I visited the this link which leads to the EXTRA ORDINARY GAZETTE of 1416/10 where I believe you should find the regulations. But the pdf available there only has 5 pages. ( it was a little bit odd, that the heading for the home page of the government press website read "Entertainment" : I guess some might consider reading gazettes entertainment)

Anyway back to the SLIA email. I'm a bit unclear about this, so according to this "new" rule I'm making several assumptions...

1.) You can only have 20 images of buildings completed in your web page?
2.) You can have 20 images per building project that you have completed?
3.) You can have any amount of 3d renderings (since they cannot be considered images of buildings rather representations of the images of buildings)
4.) You can have any amount of images of buildings that are not yet completed ( So construction progress, or even buildings with say one coat of paint, since they cannot be deemed completed, the word completed is such a subjective word!)

According to assumption 01 some web sites such as the following should be taken down

Mihindu Keerthirathna Associates
Milroy Perera Associates
Palinda Kannangara
Sunil Gunawardena

Team Architrave

These are just a few... If my assumption 2 is correct then I guess most of the websites are pretty safe.

Needless to say I fail to understand the logic behind this most recent turn of events, my conclusion is that the SLIA got tired of just sending obituary notices by mail and just to stir up the interest of the membership, they resorted to this. Whatever it is, I think we should re consider the pro's and cons of the SLIA membership. What do we really get back from the SLIA as Architects or better yet as a Country?