Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why Koolhaas thinks the global recession could be a “healthy thing”

As the global recession has tightened its grip on the construction industry, many have been muttering about the end of iconic architecture. Now Rem Koolhaas has waded in with his own take.

The Architectural Record looks at the impact of the 88,000 industry job cuts in the first quarer of this year and Gehry quits a park project in Miami.

Architect Koolhaas sees economic woes blunting excess

Rem Koolhaas says that the recession will lead to more socially responsible buildings and the shift of focus onto public sector buildings brought about by the global recession is a “healthy thing”. Read more at Reuters

With Jobs Scarce, Will Young Architects Flee the Profession?

The architecture and engineering sector has shed 88,000 jobs in the US in the first quarter of this year. Anecdotal evidence suggests many of those hit are under 40. Read more in the Architectural Record

“Accidental Architecture”: The result of a tough economy

A look at the happy architectural accidents created in America by the Great Depression. Read more in the Examiner

Up on the roof

The National Geographic takes a look at the green roofs of cities around the world. Read the article and view the slideshow in the National Geographic

Famous architect Frank Gehry feuding with Miami Beach over New World Symphony project
Gehry has quit the project to design a park to complement his New World Symphony building in Miami after the city complained he was too expensive. Read more in the Miami Herald

The Milan Furniture Fair 2009
Starts today. Gird your loins for a barrage of designs that will be flooding the net as the bloggers go crazy over the weird, wonderful and frankly ugly. News Junkie will be following Inhabitat, Dezeen and Notcot for a flavour.