Friday, June 26, 2009

The Street Child: An Urban Product

This, an advertisement placed at colpetty (In front of Liberty Plaza) aiming at educating people on the importance of keeping children off the street, is a good example of urbanity seeking ways to answer some of the problems it itself has created.

Below find a strikingly similar campaign by "Aseema" a nother organisation which provides education for Street and Unprivileged Children in Mumbai.

This image was stolen from here


illegalarchitect said...

Rarely you see an installation like this in Sri Lanka. This is a good start. I hope we'll see more of such expressions in future that challenge our conventions...

Arkitekton said...

The Colpetty advert doesn't seem to be noticeable much...I only saw it whilst crossing the road. It would have been better if they had this in a place where people get often stuck in a jam. But definitely a good start. Advertisements that tickle the intellect are still to come in Sri Lanka.