Thursday, June 4, 2009

Master Builders of Sri Lanka : Panini Tennakoon

Panini tennakoon is a name that has been permanently etched into the Sri Lankan built environment. His master pieces litter almost every corner of Sri Lanka, be it the Independence square, the Bandaranaike Samadhi at Horagolla, the unmistakable Archives building at Reid Avenue, Halsdoff court complex, or the countless administrative buildings.

Independence Hall, Taken from here

His proposal for the BMICH must have been one of the boldest expressions of Sri Lankan architecture that I have ever seen. Once when I met him at his home he went on to explain his proposal for the Parliament complex, being the modernist he is, we would have ended up with a modern parliament if it was left to the likings of this great master.

Bandaranaike Samadhi, Taken from Panini Tennakoons own article from here

Some where in his eighties the master builder Panini Tennakoon bid fare well to architecture and the world, but not to the legacy he left behind.

What ever has happened to his fantastic house at maitland cresent? It’s transformed to some office.

Panini's House at Maitlend cresent

Panini's House at Maitlend cresent

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