Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kandy City Center: Friend or Foe?

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Kandy City Centre" Commercial and Shopping Complex at Dalada Veediya, Kandy is the most modern commercial complex in Sri Lanka. The Complex is designed with ultra modern features yet preserving the iconic Kandyan architecture. With respect to this unique entrepreneurial marvel, The Board of Investment has granted the prestigious "Flagship Status" to this Project. Several leading banks, a fully equipped supermarket, a variety of restaurants, an entertainment zone, a well designed state of the art food court will also feature in the Complex. - Source

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The ten-storied complex designed by K.M.C. Architects of Singapore has two floors underground and is the first building in Sri Lanka constructed in this manner. -source
The local consultants for the project was Ashley De Vos Associates.

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I recently visited the KCC and even though had earlier read very critical comments on the design (and was partially in agreement) However after my visit I was slightly moved by this solution. Refer the official web site here for more details.

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download a document with critical comments on the design here (right click and save as)

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Sue said...

Wow! Thanks for this great post! All these new commercial developments make it a very exciting time in Sri Lanka. As a lankan living in Australia, I find all these investments very positive! Would love to go and check this place out when im next in Lanka! Great blog!

Arkitekton said...

Thanx for the compliments. Yeah there are some pretty interesting projects in the pipeline. Just hope these develop into realty.

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