Monday, May 10, 2010

2012, Dooms day for Galle face?

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President Mahinda Rajapaksa said he will be redrawing the map of Sri Lanka with the massive development projects the government plans to launch in the coming years. These include reclaiming 500 acres of land from the sea off the Colombo coast, along the Galle Face Green

“Two years from now the May Day celebrations will be held at the Galle Face Green, overlooking the reclaimed land,” the President told a United People’s Front Alliance rally at the Colombo Town Hall at the may day rally, 2010.

The daily mirror published an article on a possible contruction of a town built on galle face itself.

"The government has decided to construct a commercial town with all facilities by reclaiming about two kilometers from the Galle Face towards the sea. It has planned to construct a town on the land area of about 500 acres from the Southern border of the Colombo harbour close to Bambalapitiya by filling up the sea. The intention of the government is to construct a town with all facilities on the reclaimed land comprising trade complexes, children’s parks and parks for elders too.It has planned to construct the town under the supervision of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority Government sources state the construction work of this town will be assigned to the Japanese company which carries out the construction work of the Colombo South harbour.Accordingly the relevant agreement for the construction of the Commercial town will be signed within the next few months after which the construction work will start. The government expects to complete the construction of the commercial town parallel to the completion of the Colombo South harbour"

The Lanka Guardian takes an look at the whole galle face land reclamation issue here.

Although it would be safe to presume that this project would not be realized, land reclamation should be handled with care. The dubai islands have been under the heat from environmentalists from the begining.

sataka island

Lets just hope we dont end up with a artificial "Sataka" island!