Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ranminitenna tele cinema village : A box office blunder ?

The film set for "good the bad and the smelly"

very Sri Lankan, no?

Eventhough the plywood building facades can be changed according to the need of the director, the whole set up looks well planned : so un-Sri Lankan like.

The VIllage consists of an administration building, accommodation hall with facilities for 96 individuals, a large studio of the size of 130 X 70 feet, 31 sets, three showrooms for costumes, two seminar halls, two libraries, kitchens, the back lots, workshops, common facilities, and the garden decoration.

The Village, situated in close proximity to the natural attractions in the area such as Yala National Park, contains land with magnificent scenery and vistas and a water reservoir of 40 acres.

The special feature of Ranmihitenna Tele-cinema Village is that artists can complete their creations at international standards under one roof but with low production cost.

The Village funded by the state revenue tax collected from the foreign tele-dramas, is a concept of the President Rajapaksa who has acted in several movies and tele dramas. The project architect is Archt. Rukshan Vidyalankara


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