Monday, May 25, 2009

Building without Buildings : Minneriya Wildlife Park

With the trademark phrase of "Building without buildings" Architect Sunil Gunawardena has accomplished what few Sri Lankan Architects have been able to do. Using minimalistic Architectural grammar he has created international standard designs in the six wildlife parks he was commishened to design.

Minneriya wild life park has been designed so that the buildings merge with the humble and forgotten brick architectural wonders of times by gone which litter the pollonnaruwa area.

Using decked walkways inorder to minimise the effect on the natural landscape he goes on to create an adventure out of a mundane building.

Using indigenous materials and indigenous flavors, the architect creates some thing very unique which is ultimately true to our culture and to ourselves.


Anonymous said...

where do you collect these photos?

Arkitekton said...

I took these myself.