Saturday, May 9, 2009

Landscape Architects shunned by the SLIA?

This post relates with my previous post on decentralizing the Architectural profession in Sri Lanka.

I have emphasized on why it is essential that decentralization should take place within the profession. So I will not elaborate more in this aspect.

Last Thursday (7th May 2009) the parliament of Sri Lanka has passed a bill of an Institute of Landscape Architects. The reason to have a separate institute for landscape architects just eludes me, especially since the number of qualified landscape architects are really low. First it should be clarified on how you become a landscape architect. The only legitimate avenue in perusing a carrier in this line I know of is to take up the Masters degree in landscape architecture offered by the University of Moratuwa. There might be other institutes which offer diplomas in LA, but I am not aware that there are any other degree programs offered by a Sri Lankan University.

Ideally a landscape architect should have a basic idea about the built environment. But since the basic degree in Architecture goes on to a period of almost 6 years, the number of students perusing a further 2 year post grad in Landscape Architecture should be very less.

Ultimately what happens is that, when there are no jobs in their particular field, inevitably people get a tendency to shift to other professional work claiming their legitimate rights. The profession begins to deteriorate here.

What I proposed in my previous blog was to have all these sub professions of Architecture within the same institute. Diversifying is the only way the profession can progress.

Having multiple institutions with small member bodies is unhealthy not only for the stake holders of the built environment but to the country as a whole. In the future we might be looking at separate institute for Urban Designers, Interior Designers, Digital Designers, Concept Architects, etc. then what would be the role of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects?


Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you!!!! its just a waste. if i may add on, architects just don't design buildings alone they are taught INTERIOR, LANDSCAPE and other related fields!!! its no point been just an interior designer or a landscape architect you should know architecture as well. as there has to be some sought of relationship with the building, interior and exterior as well!!!

Anonymous said...

The larger percentage of a country is the landscape and not the built environment. As both an architect and landscape architect, although some commonalities exist the disciplines are appreciably different. The SLIA too was small at one time and grew. In our first year studying architecture, we studied physiology at Medical College, but it did not make me a doctor. Healthy rapport between institutes is welcomed. Best wishes